Monday, June 27, 2005

Oil Wars

I see Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, was forced to admit yesterday that the fighting could go on for years, adding: "We are not going to win against the insurgency, the Iraqi people will win against the insurgency".

I don’t know if I’m just dense or maybe I got it wrong, but isn’t the insurgency the Iraqi people? If the occupying force just went away wouldn’t the insurgency disappear?

OK, I guess they are getting help from their neighbors, but I’d hope if anyone ever occupied the USA, that we could get help from our neighbors in pushing them out.

At this point in time are their really any US soldiers over there that feel they are protecting our freedom here in the US?? Does anyone in this country feel threatened by Iraq? I’m sure I don’t.

I might feel threatened that our insistence in occupying their country may create people who, given the chance, would like to see all Americans dead. Of course we can alleviate that problem by getting the hell out of their country. DOH?!

I don’t care what kind of government they want to chose, or who they want to run it. Let’s leave them alone to do that themselves, it’s the big Corporations that insist we need a puppet government over there.

I know we need Iraq oil, if corporations weren’t so engulfed by greed it would be easy to set up business arrangements that would insure our supply of oil. Making deals with friends and helping each other out can be a very effective way of conducting business instead of going in there with strong arm tactics. Big corporations don’t believe in the concept of cooperation however, it doesn’t fit their agenda of me first greed, plus wars have the added benefit of decreasing the surplus population.

Since the big Corporations of our free country don’t allow any invention or idea that could reduce our need for oil to prosper, they have forced us to rely on imported oil. So much for a free country, yep the big corporations are free to force their will on us, some freedom!

The true enemies of the people are the ones running the corporations that are consumed by greed. Unless people wake up to that fact and stop acquiescing to their lies and propaganda, the rest of us that see what is being perpetrated on people of this planet can only shake our heads and say what else can you expect?