Friday, October 28, 2005

Boiling Point

I can’t say I’ve ever done it, but I believe it’s true. They say if you drop a frog in boiling water he’ll jump out quicker than snot, but if you put him in a pot of water and slowly bring it to boil, he’ll boil to death.

Those slow incremental changes can be fatal!

Sometimes I try and imagine my life in 1975 and how it would have affected me if I had been able to jump from 1975 into 2005. Would I want to jump back out of shock?

It doesn’t seem so bad here. Does it?

Actually that probably depends on how much effort you put in to determine exactly what is happening these days.

Here’s a good place to start: The Center for an Informed America. Actually, that link will take you to his #74 newsletter. It’s a pretty long read in 2 parts, so it might be more effort than most people are willing to put out to get an understanding about what might be happening in their reality. I found it very informative and makes you think.

I suppose a lot of people don’t have the memories to jump back 30 years. As a result most probably can’t really gauge exactly how hot the water we are in is. Let me offer my perspective, from what my research tells me, its HOT!

Don't wait until the boiling point.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hour of Desperation?

I’m not sure its time to press the panic button yet, but I have my hand on the ready. It’s really inevitable; things have become so desperate now that the only possible future is going to be one of panic.

Here’s an example. It’s a long list of career government employees who have become Casualties of the Bush administration. The list includes Republicans so it is not an issue of political viewpoints, it became an issue of conscious.

With all those fine career people leaving the government it makes you wonder who is left running things? I guess a bunch of yes men and cronies.

I certainly don’t agree with Bush’s politics, but opinion and politics aside it has now become an issue of survival. The corruption and dismantling that has occurred in the US government is alarming.

I found the The All New Devil’s Dictionary here. It has some very appropriate definitions, check these out:

Elections. Controlled means of persuading the powerless to stand in line and prove their gullibility.

Or this:
Democratic Party. Archaic English. Defunct influence group. Now less powerful than PETA but featuring neutered males and spayed females nonetheless.

Ha, ha! I have no love for Democrats or Republicans, or any politician that is a tool of big money interests. Here’s my entry for the Devil’s Dictionary:

Politician. Money grubbing, power hungry individual that thinks if they lick the boots of the money/power brokers they’ll get a piece of the pie too.

Well maybe God or something can save us? Some people are banking on that, but probably not going to happen. Just another lie we've been fed so we won't find out what the real truth is about this reality. Don't be concerned, go back to sleep.

Christianity. Noun. 2,000 year-old religion originally based on gentle non-violence. Now a worldwide cult transformed by conquest, persecution, money-making and cronyism. See Zionism.

OK, Christians probably don’t like that one, but sadly it reflects the current state of Christianity.

Yep, these are desperate times, it’s gone way beyond quiet desperation. Pretty soon more people will be waking up to it and wondering what the hell happened.

Well, it will be too late then. They can push the panic button, but they’ll soon find that that agency is no longer functioning.

Got knowledge?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Out of Control

I’m going to relate a story from childhood, as it seems as if it is an allegory of the future times we are living now.

I grew up in the Nuuanu Valley in Honolulu, Hawaii. We lived on Henry Street on the side of a steep mountain which offered lots of mountain climbing and exploring in the woods. I had 3 brothers and our best friend Craig-ee who lived next door.

I believe it was one summer day when I was about 10 and my brother was 7 and Craig-ee was 8. We had a radio flyer red wagon, it was well worn, but still an excellent mode of transportation. So we were looking for the perfect place ride it. We had two hills on our street, but they weren’t that steep, and we had long become bored by them. We needed new excitement.

There was a really long steep hill just a block away on Klebahn Pl, but that was way to fast and long to ride the wagon on. But I knew of a hill, that could be the perfect place, but it was a long way from our house.

I would see it everyday on the bus ride home from school. Thanks to Yahoo! Maps I have been able to find the street. It is Akamu Pl and you get it right off the Pali Highway. According to Yahoo! it was eight tenths of a mile from our house, but to little kids it was a major trek, and I doubt we told our mother where we were off to.

This street was fairly steep, and as was the custom in Hawaii for steep hills, it was paved in concrete and heavily textured to provide maximum traction in pouring rain. Had the hill been any longer it would have been too difficult to navigate in a wagon, it was just the right length for getting up to a thrilling speed.

The trick was the ending. At the bottom of the hill the street ended in a T, with two short dead ends, one right and one left. After surveying the hill, we decided that turning right provided the safest path as the street was clear of parked cars and you could take the turn wide enough to avoid tipping the wagon over. Turning to the left was not possible, the required turn was too sharp for the speed the wagon was traveling.

Craig-ee and I took turns piloting the wagon and my younger brother would often ride shotgun behind the driver. We were rather enjoying the thrilling ride down and didn’t seem to tire from having to haul the wagon back up the hill each time.

Craig-ee was holding on to the wagon, I had my hand on the wagon handle, and my brother was sitting behind me. Just as Craig-ee let us go for our next thrill ride, a car came around the corner from the dead end on the right. It stopped when it saw us coming down the hill, but it was blocking my way to the right.

I could try and maneuver between it and curb, but the passage was to too tight and didn’t allow for a gentle turn any way. My only choice was the dreaded left turn. I took a bead on it as best I could, in hopes that I could safely navigate the turn.

By now we were going full speed and I knew how unstable the wagon was at high speeds while trying to turn. I’d like to say I safely piloted the wagon around the turn, but it was not to be. My brother and I spilled out onto the rough concrete and finished the ride sliding on the street. We were bodying surfing on the roughed up concrete, while acquiring painful and major skin abrasions on our arms and legs

Needless to say that ended our thrill riding for the day. We had a long way to walk back home and I think we spent most of it crying in pain. Craig-ee hauled the wagon back and my brother and I ran as much as we could with our arms held out away from our body to avoid any unnecessary painful movement.

It was very painful sleeping the next couple of nights, but eventually it all healed with very little scaring. I guess we could be considered lucky, considering what could have happened.

Sorry this got a little long, but now to get back to my original point for telling the story. It sometimes feels like to me that the world is careening down a steep hill with no means to stop or slow down. Just up ahead an obstacle prevents us from making what might be considered a better choice, but alas it appears we are destined to crash and burn. Is anyone paying attention?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Next Stop: The Twilight Zone

I’m sure there are some people out there that remember the familiar phrase:
"That’s the signpost up ahead. Next stop the Twilight Zone"

Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I think major events in the timeline of humanity can cast a shadow into the past. For some reason I have the sense that we recently crossed over the line and are standing in a future cast shadow. Kind like we are right on the lip of some large black hole and just about to rush over the edge into the darkness.

But then I guess I’ve always had this doom and gloom mentality, so maybe you can’t trust me. I can remember memories from back when I was 4 and 5. Back then I didn’t think I would live to be very old.

Actually, back then being 15 seemed like an eternity away. So I’ve gotten way past 15, and now that I’m 53 I practically feel like an adult.

Its not that I ever thought that I was going to die, I just envisioned that life as we know it on the planet would not exactly be continuing on in the usually expected format.

So let's take a poll. If you want leave your comment maybe I can find out if other people are sensing something or if I need to check myself into some sort rehab outfit.

Is that the Twilight Zone up ahead?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Criminals Running the World

Has the country, or for that matter, the world, been taken over by organized crime?

I’m not talking about Chicago mafia figures, or Russian or Italian mafia’s. I’m talking about the real power people. I’m talking about the families and descendents of the likes of Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan and don’t lets forget the Rothschild’s. I’m probably not just talking about their descendents but their ancestors as well.

Of course we are taught that these men aren’t traditionally thought of as criminals. However, if one studies their actions, you will find crimes against humanity. And don’t kid yourself, these guys all travel in the same circles and attend the same gatherings. They are not stupid, and in fact are probably rather brilliant.

So I wonder what they talk about over cocktails? I bet it’s not who’s going to win this season’s Survival TV show. Probably not about the sale down at Target either. Maybe it’s hard for us ‘regular’ people to imagine what they might talk about, but I can imagine.

My point is they do talk, and when smart people in a position of power get together, I imagine one of the most important things on their mind is how to maintain the status quo so that they and their heirs will continue to be on top of the heap.

Turns out there is data available that documents exactly what they have been up to in regards to a achieving this goal. Apparently, the people on top of the heap have this belief that if they can dumb down the masses, and keep them from learning how to think critically, they’ll have an easier time staying on the top and keeping the masses under control.

There is a lot more to this and you may feel cheated when you look into it, that is if there is still a modicum of curiosity left in you after your educational experience. You may find it difficult to actually view something in a independent critical manner.

The conniving criminals copied and improved on a model that was first tried out in Prussia back around 1820.

It’s been very successful, check out these stats.

Here’s a stat that stands out: “About 3.5 percent of the 26,000-member sample demonstrated literacy skills adequate to do traditional college study, a level 30 percent of all U.S. high school students reached in 1940”

Oops! How could that be?? I thought the idea was to improve education? Turns out, that’s not the purpose after all, we’ve been fooled again.

So where does this leave us? They seem to be holding all the cards. I guess the only thing an individual can do is to take responsibility for ones own education and acquire the ability to think critically. If we all did that they would lose their power since everyone would see through their evil intentions. Of course that won’t happen, but it could happen for you as an individual. It's really your choice and up to you to put out the effort and maybe change your lot in life.