Monday, November 14, 2005

Iraqi Woman Confesses on Jordan TV

This is really rich, but the sad thing about it is most people eat it up, hook line and sinker without even thinking.
These false flag operations are getting to be too much. They are really starting to expose their hand with what they try to pull off these days.

OK, let’s just think it about real simple. Imagine the Chinese had invaded the US in order to free us from our criminal president. Well we wouldn’t like them hanging around our cities and conducting middle of the night raids and hauling people off to who knows where.

So let’s think, what should we do?? Hmmm, then this guy gets an incredible idea. Up in Canada he knows of some big wedding hoopla going on at a hotel there. It’s going to be a Catholic wedding, and this guy doesn’t really like Catholics. So even though the people there are the same race, and fellow North American’s who really don’t like the Chinese in the US either, he figures this would be a great way to disrupt the Chinese.

What?!! What kind of sense does that make? Yet we are expected to believe the supposed al-Qaida did this bombing thing in Jordan?

OK, maybe we are suppose to think that people over there are just incredibly stupid, but I don’t buy it. Nobody is that dumb.

Oh and by the way, the explosion also took out some high level Palestinians. I think the Palestinians share a similar plight to the Iraqis. Double dumb move blowing up that place in Jordan. If it really was al-Qaida (wink wink).

I guess if you think hard enough you can figure who benefits from it, but if you don’t think about it you’ll just believe what is spoon fed to you in the mainline media (beware of poison).