Monday, September 04, 2006

What State are you living in?

Is it just me, but it seems like there have been a lot of biggest ever pot busts in my neighborhood lately. Do a search on Google and you’ll get plenty of hits.

Are they clamping down harder, or are more out of work people growing an indigenous plant which someone arbitrarily condemned as illegal? I mean really, just think about it for a second… can man really declare that a plant given to us by the Creator is some how illegal? What kind of logic is that?

It is a pretty plant.

How about this: Are people being turned in by their ‘neighbors? I know we are suppose to keep a lookout for terrorist in our midst, so maybe this is just some overflow enthusiasm?

Here are some guys that fought back:

“Disclosure of the theft came as details of the extensive marijuana operation - the largest ever detected in the county - were revealed by officials. Weapons, camps and sophisticated growing systems were found.”

‘The largest ever’ I’m seeing a lot of that in the recent busts being reported in the news.

"It was overnight on Tuesday when the plants were taken," said Paul Helliker, general manager of the Marin Municipal Water District. "Apparently some of the growers returned."

And now they can’t find the guys. Are the growers too sophisticated for the local law enforcement? Or was it that someone else new there was a cash crop available for the daring? Makes you wonder what is going on there.

Even supposed legal pot clubs in California are getting
"They're denying patients their medicine," said Ken Estes, who owns Holistic Solutions on Hilltop Mall Road and the marijuana that was in the truck."

Everyone has their own preference in whether or not they want to smoke pot, but doesn’t it bother you that these news stories sound exactly like a police state?

What state do you live in?