Friday, March 24, 2006

Omnicide: the murder of all life on the planet.

"If you believe in God, now is the time to ask for forgiveness."
so says Kurt Nimmo in his recent blog entry. Take a minute to read it, and you will be deeply sadden if you actually contemplate the deadly lethal pollution that has been released into our atmosphere.

Depleted uranium along with the billions of radioactive particles released into our atmosphere by the early nuclear testing has created a death sentence for life on planet earth.

Clearly it needs to stop today. The release of such deadly and heinous particles into the air we breath is inexcusable. To me this is like sleeping in your own shit, how could we be so stupid?

Forget about politics, forget about terrorists, forget about Muslims and Christians, just for a minute but all that to the side. Lets first think of the human race and try to preserve the planet we live on so we will have the time to think about all the things we need to set aside today. There is really no time to lose.

Back in 1972 scientist learned that low-level exposure over a period of time is more harmful to body cells than the same exposure given at a high rate for a brief time. Of course that won’t be publicized. Cancer is not a sudden disease like catching a cold, it can take years before you find out that cancer is infecting you. Why do you suppose the incidence of cancer has increased so dramatically since World War II?

Stop the war now. Stop using depleted uranium now. Stop fooling with nuclear technology that creates waste that remains lethal for billions of years.

Of course I’m dreaming, criminals run the world and apparently they aren’t smart enough to see the future they are creating for the planet. Or maybe they think they have some place to go that is not the deadly void the surface of our planet is becoming. Either way as long as we believe their lies and do what they say we are sealing our own fate.

The real war is not fought on the battle field, its not between the West and the terrorists. If we ever want to see peace on the planet we need to stop the people that preach war as peace and make profit by supplying the planet with weapons of death. Those people need to be prevented and removed from positions of power.

These type of people need to be identified at the earliest age possible and taught the respect for life that comes to most people naturally. These people need special guidance so that they can one day also learn the respect that life deserves.

Sadly, this day may never come as the fuse has been lit and the future of our planet is all but sealed: a desolate nuclear wasteland.

Here is what is in store for us as the radioactive particles are carried around the world and land in a spot near you.
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