Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A World of Lies

It’s a sad state of affairs, but here we find ourselves in 2005 completely addicted and dependent on imported oil.

How did this happen?

It appears to be a deliberate plan of the major global corporations. Over the years many ideas and patents have been created that would have improved or totally done away with the internal combustion engine. Sadly none of them were allowed to grow or be fully implemented.

Why did this happen?

Those in power need methods to control the masses. What better way than to create an addiction to something they can manipulate? Would we be in a war in the Middle East right now if alternatives to the internal combustion engine had been allowed to flourish?

Apparently those in power use war as one of their major controlling devices. It has several advantages, mostly it takes the focus off the real perpetrators (the people and corporations in power) and focuses it elsewhere. War production creates huge profits for those corporations that are in that business. The added bonus is it also decreases the surplus population.

So now that we are addicted to oil consumption, with no alternative in sight it appears our only choice is war.

Does it take a rocket scientist to figure out the solution to this dilemma? I don’t think so, and the fact that this simple solution and understanding has not been pursued to me indicates there is an agenda to make it so.

Welcome to the world of LIES. Our leaders lie to us. The big corporations lie to us. The only real question is how long must we continue to believe their lies and give them power over us?

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