Saturday, February 09, 2008

Save the Peopleless

We’re all familiar with the homeless problem that continues to grow in our country. Now there is a new phenomenon: Peopleless homes!

Here’s a quote from a typical article you can find all over the web

For Washoe County, there were 69 bank foreclosures for the entire year 2006, 100 for December 2007 and 204 for January 2008

OK, that’s a lot of new peopleless houses in just Reno alone.

What can we do to help all those peopleless houses? The banks have their hands full.

They’re not really equipped to handle the issue… they need our help.

Unlike the homeless issue the peopleless issue affects those people that are not homeless and those homes that are not peopleless.

We have decaying neighborhoods and falling home values.

You would think the two issues would cancel each other out. I guess you could put together a stat sheet of some kind that would show our net issue = zero.

However, simple logic would tell us we have double the problem.

So I was thinking…

If we put the homeless people into the peopleless houses both issues would be resolved.

That would be wrong of course. It would violate the very foundation our society is built on. The bedrock would fail if we followed logic.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Financial Freedom: In the Home of the Free

Boy what a mess our economy is in these days. Isn’t it great that were going to get some checks in the mail this spring?

I was thoroughly impressed to see how fast our representatives in Congress got the job done.

Just the way it’s supposed to work in the land of the free.

It's good to see the government is doing something to help out the little guy at the end of the corporate food chain.

It got me thinking though…

What with all the sub prime mortgage problems, and all the homes going in foreclosure these days, there seems to be no way out of this mess.

But then I kept thinking…mmm…

The government doesn’t have any money, at least we’re told that we spend as much as $400 billion dollars more than we have each year.

So I guess the government just prints up the new money for all the rebate checks they’ll be cutting this spring.

Well the government doesn’t actually print money, it’s the Federal Reserve that prints up money.

The government will go borrow the money for the checks and then pay it back some day in the future with real money plus interest.

That’s a great deal for the Federal Reserve.

They make up money out of thin air.

Then the American tax payers pay them back with real money.

Plus, they pay them interest for the privilege of paying them real money for the fake money they made up out of thin air!

It’s a great racket, and it’s completely legal too.

So anyway, back to my thinking...

If the government can just make up as much money as they want, why don’t we just all get rebate checks for a million dollars!?

Just think...

They're making up the money out of thin air, so why not make more?

If everyone got a million dollars we could all pay off our houses so the sub-prime mortgage problem would be completely wiped out.

I mean really, how much ink would it cost them to stick a couple of few extra zeros on each check?

Not only that, most people would have so much money left over that we would be spending up a storm. Consuming everything we could get our hands on.

Wal-Mart sales would go through the roof!

So that’s it, problem solved.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

They hate us for our freedom

They hate us for our freedom. That is what it is coming down to; our freedom to raise our families in peace and enjoy the fellowship and comfort of our friends and loved ones. Freedom to accept our fellow man as a partner on the journey of life.

Who is trying to take this freedom from us? Is it the greedy bankers and brokers that have wrecked our economy? Is it the war criminals that profit from the death and destruction of people in foreign lands? Is it the liars we call our elected officials? Who are these people that hate us for our freedom and are trying desperately to rob us of our birthright?

Why have we given them such power over us that they threaten to destroy any hope of freedom for our children and grandchildren?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Painful Truth

I tried to do the math on what percentage of the infinite universe we are able to perceive with our five senses but it keeps coming up to a number that’s closer to zero than anything else. That’s hard to believe when you stop and look at the richness of our environment. But do the math yourself, it’s practically zero.

If you dig down deep enough we all have a question that is at the core of our being, in fact, I’m inclined to think our existence is a question, who am I and what is this world I find myself in?

Going back to my math question one might conclude we have little at our disposal to address such a question, but we shouldn’t conclude that it is futile to examine it.

There is really very little thought or discussion given to this question in daily life, yet it is the question that should be driving our existence. It’s easy to bury the query and ignore it. Life goes on and the years seem to tick away going unnoticed until we find life has moved on while we’ve done nothing to truly understand who we are.

This is why I have a gripe with religion. Its sole purpose seems to be to stifle such questions, because the answer is supposedly in religion, whatever flavor we chose. If you are in a religion don’t question it, don’t ask the hard questions or you might be considered a heretic or expressing blasphemous views. Just accept the grace offered, and you will be saved. Saved exactly from what? And if I am saved what the heck does that mean in the scheme of reality??

Don’t misunderstand me; clearly there exists a Creative force that permeates the universe. Likewise there is a truly evil force that also plays a part, but do we ever really examine these issues with the full force of our intellect?

We seem to huddle in a little corner of our awareness, afraid to open our eyes and truly see the world around us. We need to open them to the light of day so we can see the darkness that is currently surrounding us.

It’s a scary thought, darkness is not a welcome condition, and yet we seem to live in it daily.

However if we have the courage to open our eyes and look we can begin to shed some light and see the shackles that keep us chained to our fears. We should be examining these shackles and searching for the key to unlock them.

There is an intelligent force that tries to keep us captive, but we have the free will to see it if we chose to look at it objectively. Each day can bring more knowledge about how this force works, if we ignore it, its like ignoring our house is on fire and we need to get out.

There are a lot of faces to this force and the harder you look the more you will see. If we can’t see the dangers around us how can we hope to avoid its consequences?

The multi-national corporations of the world are our modern day dictators. We are taught to believe that corporations are faceless entities, which they are, but make no mistake, behind the faceless fa├žade are actual people that seek to control and dominate.

They are the masters that use religion or patriotism to deceive us into taking up arms against people we don’t even know, often in a foreign land far away from our homes. They try to convince us that they are our enemies, when in fact; it is those people that control and deceive us who are our real enemies.

War is a very profitable business, but don’t be deceived, one of its chief aspects is to draw our attention away from the real cause of our blight. It keeps the population under control while having the added feature of killing us off. The pain and strife caused by war only works to keep our attention further from the truth.

So I say, don’t let your life pass away without addressing that burning question that is the core of your being. Don’t take the easy way offered by religions, it’s a trap.

"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth…. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those, who having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not..? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know it ­ now." ... Patrick Henry, 1775.

Monday, September 04, 2006

What State are you living in?

Is it just me, but it seems like there have been a lot of biggest ever pot busts in my neighborhood lately. Do a search on Google and you’ll get plenty of hits.

Are they clamping down harder, or are more out of work people growing an indigenous plant which someone arbitrarily condemned as illegal? I mean really, just think about it for a second… can man really declare that a plant given to us by the Creator is some how illegal? What kind of logic is that?

It is a pretty plant.

How about this: Are people being turned in by their ‘neighbors? I know we are suppose to keep a lookout for terrorist in our midst, so maybe this is just some overflow enthusiasm?

Here are some guys that fought back:

“Disclosure of the theft came as details of the extensive marijuana operation - the largest ever detected in the county - were revealed by officials. Weapons, camps and sophisticated growing systems were found.”

‘The largest ever’ I’m seeing a lot of that in the recent busts being reported in the news.

"It was overnight on Tuesday when the plants were taken," said Paul Helliker, general manager of the Marin Municipal Water District. "Apparently some of the growers returned."

And now they can’t find the guys. Are the growers too sophisticated for the local law enforcement? Or was it that someone else new there was a cash crop available for the daring? Makes you wonder what is going on there.

Even supposed legal pot clubs in California are getting
"They're denying patients their medicine," said Ken Estes, who owns Holistic Solutions on Hilltop Mall Road and the marijuana that was in the truck."

Everyone has their own preference in whether or not they want to smoke pot, but doesn’t it bother you that these news stories sound exactly like a police state?

What state do you live in?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Now We're In For It!

“The criminals infesting the governments and banks are so morally corrupted that an honest man cannot begin to comprehend what they are capable of or what they have in store for us.”
Fred Nupel, June 2006

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning...
Henry Ford

I’m afraid we’re in for it now, the screws are being tightened. Bankers from around the world are meeting to plan the final stages of the take down.

How many people understand the true evil of fractional reserve banking? Imagine this fantasy, suppose you have the only legal authority to print and create money. Its not really a fantasy, as a citizen of the USA, we the people have invested in our government the right to create money for our economy.

So what has our government done with this authority? Quite simply they gave it to the bankers. Well the bankers have always been trying to get a hold of the US ever since it was first created. They have long term vision so their 200 plus year plan for the US is nearing fruitarian.

Our government, influenced by lobbyists and swayed by the company of powerful and rich people, gave the authority to print legal tender to a privately held corporation: The Federal Reserve.

When our government needs money it goes to the Federal Reserve and borrows the money using a government bond as collateral. This obligates us (we the people) to pay back this loan along with interest. The money is created simply by the legal authority of the Federal Reserve to put electronic funds into an account.

Wow, so instead of us creating our own money that doesn’t need to be paid back, instead we have to pay the bankers back for money they created out of thin air, plus the added bonus of paying them interest on the loan! Great deal if you can get it.

Now that you have an understanding of exactly how we are being totally ripped off you can turn around and bend over... grab your ankles... now go watch your favorite reality TV show in peace.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

In Memory of Kelly Cline

On Memorial Day an old high school friend of mine, Kelly Cline passed away. I feel a need to write some words in his memory, though in truth I didn’t see him more than once a year in his older age where he lived in Pacific Beach.

I first meet Kelly on the cross-country team at Cleveland High School in Seattle. I was a senior and he was a junior. People who knew him in his later years would probably be surprised to think of Kelly as a long distance runner. The years took a heavy toll on his body and he didn’t take very good care of it.

He was a good companion for me back in the early 70’s. In the spring of that year he and I rode the freight trains from Seattle down to San Francisco to run in the first annual Golden Gate Marathon. You can read about that trip here.

He wasn’t able to finish that race as he had stabbed his right calf with a scissors the day before while cutting off his jeans to make a pair of cutoffs.

I would team up with him again in the spring of 1972 when we got an apartment together in Palo Alto. He worked at a gas station in Milpitas while I worked the night shift at the Jack-in-the-Box in Redwood City. He worked the graveyard shift and spent most of his time playing his guitar.

We were trying to save up money for a hitchhiking tour of Europe, but when the money didn’t accumulate we moved to Gila Bend, Arizona to work in his father’s hay cutting business. Often in the evening we would make a trip to Phoenix to visit some girls he had meet in his one semester of college at Arizona State.

During the day after work we would hang out in our van recording music and dreaming of sending it to his brother in Spokane who was a DJ there.

After a couple of months in Gila Bend we made a cross country trip that took us back through Seattle and eventually to Boston. You can follow the details of that trip here.

That trip ended in desperation on the shores of Carson Beach in Boston where we decided to return home to Seattle.

The next year in 1973 Kelly married his first wife Cheryl, and lived in the southern suburbs of Seattle where he worked sometimes as a salesman. That marriage lasted for about 2 years.

He met his second wife, Tracy, at a bar in Ballard. She was the daughter of a mortician and he lived in the upstairs apartment of the mortuary. His first son died of SIDS around that time. I lost track of Kelly when I moved to California in 1979, but this marriage only lasted a short time.

He got a job withUPS where he met his third wife Tammy. He eventually suffered a back injury at work and began living off of disability. His third and final marriage also came to an end and he soured on the idea of family life.

He became addicted to the welfare state collecting disability for his back injury and I don’t believe he held a steady job since that time.

I know he spent time living in his van in Los Angles, where he wrote a screen play that he hoped would bring him the fame and recognition he longed for.

He came back to Seattle and lived with my brother’s family taking up residence in his basement. He drifted around but finally ended up at Pacific Beach in 1999 after my brother moved his family there.

This was probably the high point of his life as he had a deal working for Linux magazine doing shipping and work on their web page. Linux magazine financed the purchase of his Trucking Express building and he made a good life for himself.

Here you can see him working as a DJ at the pirate radio station, KPB, that was begun by my brother at the Wacky Warehouse.
He got the radio bug then and when the pirate radio was shut down he focused all his energy on getting a legal radio license which eventually came to be KXPB radio, Pacific Beach.

It was really quite an accomplishment and he became more and more attached to the success of the radio station. Unfortunately it feed his ego which began to grow and blinded him to the misuse and abuse he inflicted on his life long friends.

Events turned on him and he lost his connection to Linux magazine and eventually forced him to sell the Trucking Express building which cut off his source of income forcing him to rely totally on funds raised by the radio station.

Unable to put food on his table he relied on his friends to help financially support himself and his health suffered.

He became well known at Pacific Beach for the work he did on their web page and the local events that he would MC and DJ for. He reached his pinnacle this past Memorial Day as the DJ for the local celebration raising funds for the operation of the food bank and the radio station.

He was found sitting at his desk with the stacks of cash and checks he had raised, no doubt planning the future of his radio station which he had managed to take full control of.

I will remember him as a friend willing to take on adventures that few others would have dared.

Kelly Cline 1953-2006

Friday, March 24, 2006

Omnicide: the murder of all life on the planet.

"If you believe in God, now is the time to ask for forgiveness."
so says Kurt Nimmo in his recent blog entry. Take a minute to read it, and you will be deeply sadden if you actually contemplate the deadly lethal pollution that has been released into our atmosphere.

Depleted uranium along with the billions of radioactive particles released into our atmosphere by the early nuclear testing has created a death sentence for life on planet earth.

Clearly it needs to stop today. The release of such deadly and heinous particles into the air we breath is inexcusable. To me this is like sleeping in your own shit, how could we be so stupid?

Forget about politics, forget about terrorists, forget about Muslims and Christians, just for a minute but all that to the side. Lets first think of the human race and try to preserve the planet we live on so we will have the time to think about all the things we need to set aside today. There is really no time to lose.

Back in 1972 scientist learned that low-level exposure over a period of time is more harmful to body cells than the same exposure given at a high rate for a brief time. Of course that won’t be publicized. Cancer is not a sudden disease like catching a cold, it can take years before you find out that cancer is infecting you. Why do you suppose the incidence of cancer has increased so dramatically since World War II?

Stop the war now. Stop using depleted uranium now. Stop fooling with nuclear technology that creates waste that remains lethal for billions of years.

Of course I’m dreaming, criminals run the world and apparently they aren’t smart enough to see the future they are creating for the planet. Or maybe they think they have some place to go that is not the deadly void the surface of our planet is becoming. Either way as long as we believe their lies and do what they say we are sealing our own fate.

The real war is not fought on the battle field, its not between the West and the terrorists. If we ever want to see peace on the planet we need to stop the people that preach war as peace and make profit by supplying the planet with weapons of death. Those people need to be prevented and removed from positions of power.

These type of people need to be identified at the earliest age possible and taught the respect for life that comes to most people naturally. These people need special guidance so that they can one day also learn the respect that life deserves.

Sadly, this day may never come as the fuse has been lit and the future of our planet is all but sealed: a desolate nuclear wasteland.

Here is what is in store for us as the radioactive particles are carried around the world and land in a spot near you.
Depleted Uranium Home

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Evil Empire

OK, the word is in from the rest of the world: UN Equates Gitmo to Torture. It’s pretty clear to the rest of the world, and its pretty clear to me and any other US citizen that cares to put some thought into it:

The US has become a monster that has no qualms about torturing people.

Very sad, and very scary.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said, "These are dangerous terrorists that we're talking about that are there,"

Listen Mr. McClellan what we are talking about here is TORTURE!!! There is no justification for torture, dangerous criminals can be safely detained without torture, we do it all the time. Get that straight, or are you just a pawn of the White House torturers?

Do I need to remind you of the leaders in the past that condoned and used torture? You can't hide the fact that we are talking about torture.


Wise up Mr. McClellan. Do you really want to be associated with a gang of criminals? We are not the country that we have been brainwashed to believe we are.

History always takes it toll on those that practice evil atrocities.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

So it Goes...

Well folks being on lookout duty can be really dismal sometimes, but somebody has to do it or we might miss the freight train heading down on us at 100 mph.

OK, lets take stock. We have a war in Iraq that doesn’t seem to be getting any closer to any kind of victory. Since democracy is defined as rule by the people, the fact that the current governmental system was imposed on the Iraqi people, it means by definition, that it is not a democracy. So it goes...

Bush declared mission accomplished just after Baghdad was taken. Many people think it was a bit premature, but take Bush at his word on this. He and his cronies in the oil business have a vested interest in keeping that piece of paper we call the dollar afloat. Trust me, that is all they are interested in, securing their wealth and power. When Baghdad fell, so did the Saddam’s plan to sell his oil in Euros.
So it goes...

Once counties can buy their oil with Euros they won’t need to accumulate dollars and the dollar will no longer be the world currency. That takes a lot of power away from Bush & Co. So their mission was accomplished long ago, anything else has been gravy, and their has been a lot of gravy, especially if you are on the gravy train. So it goes...

Now that Iran is planning to sell oil for Euros starting at the end of March can anybody guess what will happen? So it goes...

Recently we have the reports of obscene oil company profits. The land of the free is the only country on the plant where the oil resources are privately owned, everywhere else they are the property of the people. So it goes...

If you take the profits reported by Royal Dutch Shell of $22.94 billion for 2005 and the profits from Exxon Mobil of 36.1 billion, it totals up to over 59 billion dollars in profit. Of course that is peanuts compared to what the US government spends, it only takes them 3 weeks to spend 59 billion dollars. So it goes...

A billion seconds ago it was 1959.

A billion minutes ago was the time of Christ.

A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age.

A billion days ago no one walked on earth.

A billion dollars ago was only 8 hours and 20 minutes, at the rate our government spends it.

So it goes...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Grasping at Straws… I’m not buying it.

The administration is really grasping at straws now, hoping that most of the people will be fooled. I personally doubt they are fooling anyone, but alas, I fear most people don’t really care or pay proper attention. Our government has been taken over by a gang of criminals!

Here’s what Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said in an AP article:
" a 15-day grace period allowing warrantless eavesdropping under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act demonstrates that Congress knew such surveillance would be essential in wartime."

Hello Mr. Gonzales?! What it demonstrates quite clearly to anyone who cares to notice, is that the President was given all the authority and tools he needed without having to resort to illegal warrantless eavesdropping.

There is only one reason for warrantless eavesdropping, that is for spying on political and personal enemies. This is completely against the law and against what our fore fathers had specified in the constitution. This is the kind of behaviour you would expect from a dictator, not the ruler of a free country.

Shame on you Mr. Gonzales
. Our chief law enforcement officer supports law breaking by our top executive.

Shame on you Mr. Bush
. Beware of wishful thinking. If you think the American people are buying your doublespeak, best to think again. We are not afraid of terrorists, the only terrorist we have our eye on are the ones illegally eavesdropping on us... is that you?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Truth Lies Here

That’s the latest tag line for the History channel, but it sums up how I feel about the gang of criminals that run our government.

“SAN ANTONIO - President Bush strongly defended his domestic spying program on Sunday, calling it legal as well as vital to thwarting terrorist attacks, and contended the leak making it public had caused "great harm to the nation."

What a line of BS! It is clear now that Bush has done a great harm to the nation by violating our constitutional rights.

"This is a limited program designed to prevent attacks on the United States of America and, I repeat, limited," Bush told reporters

If you believe that, or anything that man has to say, then I have some swamp land I’d like to sell you. How can we believe anything he or his government has to say?

Let’s see, he was reluctant to have an official investigation into 911, the only video evidence of what hit the Pentagon was confiscated by the FBI and won’t be released. Why not? If it supports the official conspiracy theory about what happened, let’s see it. If not, then what are we suppose to assume??

We now start preemptive wars on people that have no ability to harm us.

Unending reports of torture, mistreatment of prisoners and maintaining secret prisons are standard.

Now, when illegal activity by the government is uncovered the procedure is to find out who leaked it instead of dealing with the law breakers.

It’s getting to be too much.

I am concerned, because what seems to be happening is we are all getting side tracked debating the particulars. Everyone has their idea’s and beliefs about certain events, but the fact is, the facts about these events are obscured and hidden, making meaningful debate an exercise in futility.

Since the government is keeping much of the information secret how can we reach any valid conclusion? The only conclusion we can make is that something fishy is going on. So what should concern us is what kind of people are running our government?