Saturday, February 09, 2008

Save the Peopleless

We’re all familiar with the homeless problem that continues to grow in our country. Now there is a new phenomenon: Peopleless homes!

Here’s a quote from a typical article you can find all over the web

For Washoe County, there were 69 bank foreclosures for the entire year 2006, 100 for December 2007 and 204 for January 2008

OK, that’s a lot of new peopleless houses in just Reno alone.

What can we do to help all those peopleless houses? The banks have their hands full.

They’re not really equipped to handle the issue… they need our help.

Unlike the homeless issue the peopleless issue affects those people that are not homeless and those homes that are not peopleless.

We have decaying neighborhoods and falling home values.

You would think the two issues would cancel each other out. I guess you could put together a stat sheet of some kind that would show our net issue = zero.

However, simple logic would tell us we have double the problem.

So I was thinking…

If we put the homeless people into the peopleless houses both issues would be resolved.

That would be wrong of course. It would violate the very foundation our society is built on. The bedrock would fail if we followed logic.


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