Friday, February 08, 2008

Financial Freedom: In the Home of the Free

Boy what a mess our economy is in these days. Isn’t it great that were going to get some checks in the mail this spring?

I was thoroughly impressed to see how fast our representatives in Congress got the job done.

Just the way it’s supposed to work in the land of the free.

It's good to see the government is doing something to help out the little guy at the end of the corporate food chain.

It got me thinking though…

What with all the sub prime mortgage problems, and all the homes going in foreclosure these days, there seems to be no way out of this mess.

But then I kept thinking…mmm…

The government doesn’t have any money, at least we’re told that we spend as much as $400 billion dollars more than we have each year.

So I guess the government just prints up the new money for all the rebate checks they’ll be cutting this spring.

Well the government doesn’t actually print money, it’s the Federal Reserve that prints up money.

The government will go borrow the money for the checks and then pay it back some day in the future with real money plus interest.

That’s a great deal for the Federal Reserve.

They make up money out of thin air.

Then the American tax payers pay them back with real money.

Plus, they pay them interest for the privilege of paying them real money for the fake money they made up out of thin air!

It’s a great racket, and it’s completely legal too.

So anyway, back to my thinking...

If the government can just make up as much money as they want, why don’t we just all get rebate checks for a million dollars!?

Just think...

They're making up the money out of thin air, so why not make more?

If everyone got a million dollars we could all pay off our houses so the sub-prime mortgage problem would be completely wiped out.

I mean really, how much ink would it cost them to stick a couple of few extra zeros on each check?

Not only that, most people would have so much money left over that we would be spending up a storm. Consuming everything we could get our hands on.

Wal-Mart sales would go through the roof!

So that’s it, problem solved.

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