Thursday, August 16, 2007

They hate us for our freedom

They hate us for our freedom. That is what it is coming down to; our freedom to raise our families in peace and enjoy the fellowship and comfort of our friends and loved ones. Freedom to accept our fellow man as a partner on the journey of life.

Who is trying to take this freedom from us? Is it the greedy bankers and brokers that have wrecked our economy? Is it the war criminals that profit from the death and destruction of people in foreign lands? Is it the liars we call our elected officials? Who are these people that hate us for our freedom and are trying desperately to rob us of our birthright?

Why have we given them such power over us that they threaten to destroy any hope of freedom for our children and grandchildren?


Erik said...

Whose freedom are we fighting for and where did my habeas corpus go?

Denitsa said...

No one can take our freedom away. We decide to give it up, because it's easier to fit than to fight for who you are. But the freedom is always there, it's just of choice.

Anonymous said...

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