Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Now We're In For It!

“The criminals infesting the governments and banks are so morally corrupted that an honest man cannot begin to comprehend what they are capable of or what they have in store for us.”
Fred Nupel, June 2006

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning...
Henry Ford

I’m afraid we’re in for it now, the screws are being tightened. Bankers from around the world are meeting to plan the final stages of the take down.

How many people understand the true evil of fractional reserve banking? Imagine this fantasy, suppose you have the only legal authority to print and create money. Its not really a fantasy, as a citizen of the USA, we the people have invested in our government the right to create money for our economy.

So what has our government done with this authority? Quite simply they gave it to the bankers. Well the bankers have always been trying to get a hold of the US ever since it was first created. They have long term vision so their 200 plus year plan for the US is nearing fruitarian.

Our government, influenced by lobbyists and swayed by the company of powerful and rich people, gave the authority to print legal tender to a privately held corporation: The Federal Reserve.

When our government needs money it goes to the Federal Reserve and borrows the money using a government bond as collateral. This obligates us (we the people) to pay back this loan along with interest. The money is created simply by the legal authority of the Federal Reserve to put electronic funds into an account.

Wow, so instead of us creating our own money that doesn’t need to be paid back, instead we have to pay the bankers back for money they created out of thin air, plus the added bonus of paying them interest on the loan! Great deal if you can get it.

Now that you have an understanding of exactly how we are being totally ripped off you can turn around and bend over... grab your ankles... now go watch your favorite reality TV show in peace.


REB 84 said...

It seems that throughout history, executive and/or royal authority has been gained via a ruthless determination to reach out and take as much power as people allow.

Idealogs have risen to power in large part because too many people are too easily led. A "bandwagon effect" leads to almost a cult like following of "true believers." These true believers have two main rolls (besides being cheer-leaders). They recruit new members or intimidate the opposition. Still, this dedication is not enough to maintain long-term power.

Totalitarian movements grow because far too many citizens are uninvolved with politics and don’t ask questions. These citizens are the disconnected, silent majority. The key to positive change in America lies not with divisive partisan politics. The key is tapping into the pent-up hopes and dreams of the disaffected, uneducated, and uninformed Americans who don't even bother to vote.

On a positive note, I recently found a very interesting website This site is one way silent majority can learn how to question.

It's Propaganda Lessons section is good complementary reading to OhioDem1's How to Sell a War I’m glad I found this site while Googling "question." It is encouraging to find fellow Americans who are taking positive actions to help wake up America.

Defend America
ask questions

Lookout One said...

Thanks for the links, its good to know others are also questioning.